Welcome new parents!

Welcome new parents!

Welcome to Gymnastics Unlimited!

Gymnastics for children is a very difficult sport. It requires more strength, conditioning and flexibility than do most sports, and a lot more time to master. It is also a sport where success comes slowly. In soccer, a person can kick the ball into the goal the very first day, while in gymnastics a relatively simple skill may take months to even be able to do. It takes a special type of person to be a gymnast. The discipline, patience, and maturity that these children learn will last a lifetime and help mould them into what we feel will be better adults. Because of the difficulty of the sport, several times during your child’s career, they may come to you, upset at failing to reach a goal, or win an award at a competition. Try to help them understand that it is an individual sport and if they feel they have improved, that’s what is important.

It is our desire to offer your child the best possible gymnastics experience. Your comments, suggestions and criticism are welcome. Allow us to better service you by letting us know your concerns.

We look forward to getting to know you and your child and hope we will have a happy, long-lasting association together.


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